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Increasingly the different services and applications are migrating to mobile/tablet applications and it is not different when we are talking about innovation. In the last few years many apps have been developed to support the challenge to innovate. I picked 12 applications that can be used in the different stages of the innovation process. They can help us to identify opportunities, set business models, structure new ideas and follow up execution. Worth checking out (the links are presented for iOS but most of them are available on other platforms).

IDEO Method Cards The world famous design firm IDEO created a set of 51 cards for inspiration. The method involves 4 categories: learn, look, ask and try. For each of these categories there are activities to support the creative process.

Price: $ 4,99 Versions: iPhone and iPad

Creative Whack Pack Created by the renowned author of creativity books and techniques, Roger von Oech, this application provides 84 strategies to generate new ideas.

Price: $1.99 Versions: iPhone and iPad

Oflow – Creativity App This app brings a series of exercises to stimulate creativity. Additionally allows you to create notes and record the ideas generated, having the opportunity to share them.

Price: $ 1,99 Versions: iPhone e iPad

Lean Innovation Tools This one combines content, templates and tools to assist in the whole process of innovation. There are 5 stages (5D): define, discover, direct, design and develop.

Price: Free Versions: iPhone and iPad

The Brainstormer Great design and structure makes this app a good choice to help the creative thinking.

Price: $ 1,99 (another packages available for purchase). Versions: iPhone and iPad

iBrainstorm This is an excellent app to record brainstorming sessions when you looking for innovative ideas. Besides allows you to use post its and photos in the idea panels.

Preço: Free Versões: iPad

Brainstorming Canvas – Generating Creative Ideas Another one for brainstorming. It is a free app to record ideas. Lets you share your ideas on social networks.

Price: Free Versions: iPad

Journeys: The Customer Experience Mapping Tool Great app to map the customer journey. You can use it to identify opportunities from frustrations and other qualitative elements that can assist in generating innovative ideas. Can be uploaded images, videos and other information to help to characterize the customer experience.

Price: $ 4,99 Versions: iPad

Personas This app is a great tool for building detailed profiles of target consumers in innovative projects, focusing on behaviors, aspirations and problems experienced by them. Can be used together with the business model canvas.

Price: $ 2,99 Versions: iPad

Business Model Toolbox A more complete version (and expensive) of the famous business model canvas. Besides the beautifull visual allows you to place detailed information regarding projected revenues and costs.

Price: $ 29,99 Versions: iPad

SEBRAE Canvas This one is a free version of the business model canvas with only visual features. It acoomplish well the role to help to simulate different possible business models when structuring new ideas.

Price: Free Versions: iPad

Design Thinking Canvas This app uses the design approach using the following stages: context, opportunities, competitors, ideas, users, monetization and investments. Relevant information are generated in each stage to help to structure a new concept.

Price: Free Versions: iPad

This is not a definitive list nor is intended to cover all applications available in the market. If you know or use another one please leave a comment with suggestions of other apps that can help in the innovation process.

Felipe Ost Scherer