The 7 best videos of 2014 to inspire innovators and entrepreneurs



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YouTube has become a great source of content on any topic we are searching for and it could not be different considering innovation.

I have selected the top seven videos of 2014 to inspire entrepreneurs and corporate innovators around the world.

Felipe Scherer

  1. Unbroken

This is a great motivational video about not give up and believe in our dreams.

  1. Pain & Passion ft. Nick Vujicic

The story of Nick Vujicic is about overcoming and success. It is very inspiring when he talks about passion.

  1. The art of innovation: Guy Kawasaki at TEDxBerkeley

Guy has been dedicated to talk about entrepreneurship, innovation, social media and technology. In this great video of TEDxBerkeley he presents 10 lessons to innovate.

  1. OPEN INNOVATION: Amway Sends Out Scientists as Scouts

Open innovation is no longer new but this video pretty much explains the logic of the approach and provides examples how to put in practice.

  1. Apple – Mac 30 – Thirty years of innovation

This commemorative video was created by Apple to celebrate 30 years of the Mac. The history of the product is full of innovations.

  1. O DNA dos Inovadores – as competências para inovar

What are the skills needed to make innovation happen? This video presents the discovery and delivery competences.

  1. NOTHING TO LOSE – The Documentary – Ryan Blair

This documentary is about the life of Ryan Blair, an entrepreneur who left the streets to become millionaire.